Remote IT Support

If you require remote IT Support services we guarantee a Quick Response to any issues within 30 minutes of receiving a call or email to report an issue. Not only  can we offer Remote desktop support but also remote device support.        

No matter the operating system, manufacturer, device type, or issue at hand - we will quickly assess and offer a remote it support solution. Typically a fix can be made there and then. 

We commit to deliver and ensure smooth running of your business. In the competitive environment of the service industry, customer’s expectations are getting increasingly demanding every day. We strive to provide quality and timely delivery of the commitments to live up to the expectations, you can count on us.

Would you like to have your IT issues resolved quicker? Our remote IT remote   support services will quickly diagnose and solve problems you report, without needing to be at your desk or on the phone. This can also be helpful when you can schedule the job to be fixed while you are on a lunch break or out of office hours.

In addition to solving your IT issues faster, a remote connection between your company and RE-IT will also allow you to receive services, such as regular Quality Checks and Monitoring , with essential works being carriedout without disruption outside of standard office/operating hours.

  • Faster and Immediate Problem Solving .

  • Out of Hours IT Support

  • Regular Quality Checks and Remote Monitoring

What is IT- Remote -Management Support?

Saving you money and time.

The ability to quickly resolve problems during the day and return our clients to an operational level is always our priority. Our remote management support is a quick and secure way to investigate or rectify the smaller faults you may experience regularly or intermittently. We are also able to monitor the health of your systems and networks in order to prevent downtime and where possible, failures, in particular for those clients with an active remote management support package in place.

On Site Support

Scheduled visits & emercency call out 

We always schedule regular visits to all of our customers to ensure a smooth running of the IT systems or to offer on-site support services when needed. Because we are independent we can offer tailor made support contracts that fit your business requirements as well as your budget no matter how large or small your business.