Virtual Servers / Virtualisation

Virtualisation is the pooling and sharing of IT resources. Through  virtual-servers, resources can be allocated dynamically across your organisation’s applications and processes. With the correct design, virtualised solutions can reduce costs, aid uptime and ease recovery from disasters. Server virtualisation isn’t just for big companies, Entry-level virtualisation tools are free or low-cost, and there are many benefits to virtualisation (including saving money). It’s not a question of “if” you should virtualize your servers; it’s a question of “when"

Benefits of Server Virtualisation 

Recover from disaster – Having a reliable disaster recovery plan is essential for ensuring business continuity. Virtualization offers hardware independence and decreased recovery time in case of a disaster or failover.

  • Save time – Administering virtualised servers over physical servers can save a huge amount of time..

  • Save money – Any way you measure it, virtualisation comes out as a cost-saving proposition. Money is saved in less administrative time, fewer infrastructure requirements and less energy utilization.
  • Simplify management – Virtualisation enables the use of advanced features like resource optimization, high availability and point-in-time snapshots of servers

Managed Transition To Virtualisation

Competent transition management with RE-IT Support

We will work with you to ensure that your transition to virtual servers is seemless and without disruption. We will put a plan in place with your agreement, clear timescales with an outline of tasks we will perform and  carry those out during appropriate periods to ensure there is no disruption to your operation.   

Pay as you go Support

On Demand Flexible Support

Whether you’re budget-conscious or you just don’t want to commit to a contract, RE-IT offers a handy Pay As You Go IT Support service to suit your needs. With very competitive hourly rates, you can benefit from our reliable support services as and when you need them.