IT Cyber Security

With so much information now being held on computers, servers, network storage and memory card; data security and IT backup has become a complicated and often expensive challenge. Recovering data can have huge costs and be catastrophic for productivity and result in loss of profitability. 

Backing up data need not be so complicated or indeed costly, a structured approach to data management and IT backup is the first step, beyond that regular monitoring and maintenance of cyber security and backups. We offer an extensive range of storage and backup solutions incorporating onsite, off-site and online services. We can offer remote monitoring of your backups to ensure they have completed successfully.

Many businesses rely on out-of-date, time-consuming and unsecure business practices with poor to non-existent cyber security – without realising the costs they could incur as a result. Perhaps you have a backup solution, but is it being tested? Ensuring your network security is safe and secure is our top priority. We will: Protect you from equipment failure and human error. Our local and hosted backup solution provides rapid data recovery for lost files, as well as disaster protection - should the unimaginable happen.

Manage and regularly test your IT backups and cyber security, so that when you need to recover files or even your system, you can be confident all the data’s there. We have developed best practice IT procedures.

  • Server backup and data recovery .

  • Managed email security

  • Antivirus software that checks for viruses on your server and computers

What is Remote Support?

Saving you extra money and time

The ability to quickly resolve problems during the day and return our clients to an operational level is always our priority. Remote access is a quick and secure way to investigate or rectify smaller IT Security faults or other problems you may experience. For example, staff browsing and creating an internet security breach from an unwarranted email could be quickly investigated remotely.

We are also able to monitor the health of your systems and network security in order to prevent downtime and where possible, failures. 


On Site Support

Major IT security concern? We will visit you same day.

We always schedule regular visits to all of our customers to ensure a smooth running of their IT security  systems or to offer othre on-site support services when needed. Because we are independent we can offer tailor made support contracts that fit your business requirements as well as your budget no matter how large or small your business.